Eligibility & Admissions

How to Apply

Eligibility: “Highly Gifted” & “Highly Gifted Applicable”

Students are eligible for HG Magnet schools if they (a) took an "intellectual assessment" (popularly called IQ test) conducted by an LAUSD psychologist, and (b) scored in the 99.5th percentile or above. (This test is different from the OLSAT High Ability test given to every 2nd grader). Priority admission to HGM is given to students with 99.9%, officially “Highly Gifted” by LAUSD definition. If there are openings remaining in the program, “Gifted” students with 99.5%-99.8% (“Highly Gifted Applicable”) can be admitted, with priority based on Magnet points.  

How do I know whether my student is eligible?

If your student was given an intellectual assessment (different from OLSAT), your school would give the results letter to your student to give to you.

However, many parents never received the letter from their student. Ask the Counselor or Gifted Coordinator at your student’s current school to look at your student’s MISIS record to see whether they are “Highly Gifted” (HG) OR “Highly Gifted Applicable” (HGA).

Who gets the Intellectual Test?

Even though every LAUSD student takes the OLSAT test (qualifies for Gifted programs), few students get the Intellectual test. These are given to students who 1) are recommended by their school for further testing, or 2) scored very highly on the OLSAT (top 1%).

Non-charter LAUSD students or parents may request an intellectual assessment through the GATE Coordinator at your school. It would help to have supporting evidence that your student shows signs of high giftedness.

LAUSD does not accept tests conducted by private psychologists for HGM eligibility.

My child is eligible. How do I enroll in HGM?

In order to attend any Magnet school, students must apply through the eChoices Application.  The application period in recent years has been early October to early November (see eChoices for specific dates).  Applicants will be notified by email/mail (generally in April/May) as to the status of the application. Many applicants may be waitlisted at first, but almost every year, everyone is called eventually.

Should you miss the application deadline, walk-in applications may be accepted in the HG Magnet office. Eligible students are then admitted based on available openings and a first come, first served basis.  

Tours & Prospective Open House

During Magnet applications season in fall, North Hollywood HGM runs daytime classroom tours and an evening Open House for prospective parents and students to visit our school. See tour dates and how to reserve.  Once the school year has started, IF there are still seats available in your grade and you are eligible, you may contact the HGM office to request a tour.

Non-LAUSD Students & LAUSD Charter students

If you are not currently enrolled in an LAUSD school or if you are in an LAUSD-affiliated charter school, you are still eligible for HGM if:

1) at some point, you were given an intellectual assessment (different from OLSAT test) by an LAUSD psychologist and met the score requirements (see first section of this page),

2) AND you currently reside in LAUSD boundaries.

At this time, LAUSD does not have the resources to administer tests to non-LAUSD students or accept the results of private testing.

LAUSD-affiliated charter school students can get an LAUSD intellectual assessment test if the school recommends testing (student shows signs of possible intellectual giftedness) and the school pays LAUSD for the cost of the test (about $70 in 2018). This is because funds that would have gone to LAUSD GATE for testing were given to the charter school instead. Talk to your school’s Gifted Coordinator about how to get your student tested. If you have questions about your rights, contact LAUSD GATE at 213-241-6500.

If you would like to advocate for these policies to change (back), contact the LAUSD Board of Education member for your area.”