Friends of the HGM

Friends of the Highly Gifted Magnet

The Friends of the HGM, Inc. (FHGM) is a 501c3 non-profit corporation run by parent volunteers.  We exist to provide personal and financial support to the Highly Gifted Magnet at North Hollywood High School.  In order to maintain the excellent programs, activities, and staff of the HGM, we encourage you to get involved by giving your time, effort and/or monetary contribution. 

Board meetings are monthly and all parents are welcome to participate!  The agenda generally includes HGM staff updates, HGM event planning, discussion of requests from teachers/staff/student orgs, and fundraising.   We occasionally hold informational meetings for parents to cover specific topics. All Board meetings and FHGM events are included in the HGM calendar.

Elected Board Members for 2019-2020

  • Maribel Ulloa-Garcia, President

  • Jennifer Clark, Vice President

  • Beth McGoldrick, Treasurer

  • Steve Krulik, Secretary

  • Elizabeth Hatzer

  • Cheryl Holland

  • Rita Rubinstein

  • David White

  • Shlomit Levy-Bard

  • Hong Tang

  • Suzanne Luke

  • Llyswen Franks

Now Recruiting Committee Chairs & Project Leads

  • Financial Assistant: Hong Tang

  • Eblasts & Communications: Rita Rubinstein (lead), Julie Levin

  • Webmaster: David White, Julie Levin

  • Facebook: Shlomit Bard

  • Fundraising: Joel Levin

  • Picnic Chair: Jennifer Clark

  • Winter Potluck Chair...

  • Advocacy...

  • Roster...

  • Annual Giving...

  • Alumni Outreach...

  • Tech Support...