Funding request for Team/Club

Friends of HGM Supports Teams & Clubs

We would like to support as many activities as possible, but have limited funds. As such, the following procedures seek to be transparent, fair, and encourage organizations to be more strategic.

We expect students to try their utmost to raise their own funds, e.g. corporate donations, fundraisers, family contributions, grants.  FHGM is a supplementary or backup resource, and would like to support as many different groups as our funds will allow.

More likely to be funded:
- Scholarship supplement to promote fair access for all team members
- Stipends for teacher/staff, IF required by LAUSD to attend weekend/off-hour events
- Expenses that are essential to the function of the org, rather than enhancements like snacks, meals
- Loans to kickstart fundraisers (e.g. raffle prize, food/candy sales)

Please try to submit your request 2 weeks before the FHGM monthly meeting at which the request will be considered (see HGM Calendar for meeting dates).  The earlier in the year that you submit your request, the better your chances are of receiving funding. Late requests should only be for unanticipated costs, e.g. new organization or event.

If you have questions, please contact FHGM.