House System

The House System

Would you like to be in Gryfindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin? Just kidding... sort of. 

We recognize that a student can feel rather overwhelmed in the environment of the large public high school. While our magnet program feels more like a cozy community, we can build even more camaraderie across grade levels and more HGM spirit with our house system.

Throughout their four years in the HGM, each student is a member of a House led by one of the HGM faculty members. The system is rather like an extended homeroom offering a much wider opportunity to expand one's social and intellectual connections.

Each house meets monthly for 1-2 class periods and is made up of all grade levels. In addition, there are house spirit activities, organized by students, such as Capture the Flag, house competitions at social events, HGM Jeopardy.

The house system is designed as a personal focus in an impersonal world, recognizing that both affective and cognitive needs should be addressed to nurture the whole person. The house system underscores our basic philosophy as a program: Each student is a unique individual, whose special needs warrant attention, direction, and encouragement. While we recognize that a school is not a home, we hope our house system helps bring it a little closer to home.