First Friends of the HGM meeting of 2013-2014

Dear HGM Parents: 
The first HGM Parent Meeting of the year will take place on Tuesday, September 10th, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in the NHHS Auditorium.  We urge all of you to attend this meeting.  It will be your opportunity to meet the HGM's magnet coordinator, Ethan Bradbury, and its guidance counselor, Jo Rademaker -- as well as your chance to participate in a Q & A session about our program.   There will be a Korean translator at this event. 

At the Parent Meeting, we will also be holding elections for the board members for the Friends of the HGM (our program's booster group) for the 2013-14 school year.  We have a handful of previous board members who are interested in returning, but this is an open election.  We need nine members for the Board, and the participation of new parents is crucial to maintaining an active and robust support organization for our students, teachers, and staff.   The purpose of the Board is to help maintain the quality of the HGM program.  We work closely with the teachers and school administration, and engage in local political advocacy, in order to ensure that the HGM remains the jewel in LAUSD's crown and one of the top public school programs in the country. 

Because execution is everything, each of the Board members is expected to take on one or more specific areas of responsibility (e.g., fundraising, volunteer coordination, alumni relations, website maintenance, and advocacy).  In addition to filling Board positions, we are also looking for people to spearhead some of this year’s big events, including our annual Winter Potluck, which will be held on a Friday night TBD in late November/early December. 

Following the Parents Meeting and the election, there will be an FHGM Board meeting.  At the first Board meeting, a president, vice-president, treasurer, and secretary will be elected.  We will also begin planning for upcoming events.  Other business may be conducted, depending on time and need.  All parents are invited to attend each Board meeting, the only limitation being that no one other than Board members can vote on motions for formal actions, such as the approval an annual operating budget and specific expenditures over the course of the school year.   Regardless of whether you are on the Board for this year, we urge you to take part.

After the first meeting, the Board of the FHGM continues to meet once a month in the evenings.  The exact day of the week will be selected by the new Board, but this past year it was the second or third Monday of each month, depending on holidays and schedules.  If you are interested in being on the Board, please let me know by Sunday, September 8th, so that I can include your name on the ballot.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. 

Kind regards,

Robert Stulberg
Outgoing President
Friends of the HGM