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HGM Faculty

HGM Administration

Ms. Diane Adomian [French]

Mr. Ethan Bradbury [History, HGM Coordinator]

Ms. Elise Espinosa [Science]

Ms. Stacy Gardner [English]

Mr. Altair Maine [Science, Math]

Mr. John McCollaum [History]

Mr. Phi Nguyen [Math]

Ms. Catherine Underwood [English, Capstone]

Mr. Robert Yousefian [Math]


Other NHHS / elective teachers

Faculty Appointment Request

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Mr. Xavier Chavez [Assistant Principal]

Mr. Ethan Bradbury [Program Coordinator]

Ms. Jo Rademaker [Counselor]

Ms. Kersten Peppermuller [Administrator] 


HGM Office

Ms. Peppermuller's office hours are 7:30am to 12pm. To schedule an appointment with a teacher for a conference, you can contact the teacher directly, call the magnet office at (818) 753-6213 or email Ms. Peppermuller.

Attendance Notes

All attendance and early leave notes must be dropped off at the HGM office before school starts at 8AM.

School Bus - Dual Stop

If the student would like to picked up/dropped off at a stop other than the regularly assigned stop, a Dual Stop Request Form should be filled out and delivered to the magnet office.  The form is available by clicking HERE.

Health Requirement

Click HERE to download information regarding the Health Class required by the LAUSD for graduation.