HGM Needs Your Support

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Donated: $43,133
Need: $60,000

Families giving: 46%

North Hollywood HGM is nationally know for excellence in meeting the unique needs of highly gifted students. This requires increasing support for items the school district can no longer provide, along with enhancements often only available at private schools. We need everyone's help to maintain excellence for our students.

Annual recurring needs include:

  ▪ University-level books and materials
  ▪ Tutoring & AP prep by HGM teachers
  ▪ Support for clubs & academic teams
  ▪ Field trips for every grade

New requests this year include: 

  ▪ Frequent science laboratory experiments
  ▪ New Smart Board
  ▪ New books, media and instructional software
  ▪ Teacher laptop

To meet these needs, we ask that each family contribute $600, but any amount truly helps, so please give what you can.

Please ask your employer if they have a matching gift program. Several parents have been pleasantly surprised to find their employers do.

Please do your part to support teachers and students!

Thank you!