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Ankur Patel (HGM Class of '03)

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The Highly Gifted Magnet does a great job of preparing students for “higher” education, but that isn’t through tests or rote learning -- it is through critical thinking and the synthesis and communication of information. There is no doubt that being in a classroom full of geniuses pushes the entire group forward, and more than competition, it is the level of dialogue and conversation, the ability to take other people’s thoughts and to build on them.

This blog could be a place where we share ideas, actionable solutions, and experiences that help our younger HGM brothers and sisters figure out how they want to make the most of their gifts.

We have the ability to shape the future of not only the Highly Gifted Magnet at North Hollywood, but through the brainpower, skills, and the human capital that the network of alumni bring to the table, there are no limits to what we can do.


Established in 1989, the network of HGM Alumni has not been systematically maintained. Tapping into such a network could benefit current and former students as well as the institution of the HGM itself. Our high school classmates span the globe and every conceivable industry; some save lives on a daily basis, some are influencing millions of people, and some of us still live with our parents in The Valley, but our experience through the HGM is a point of commonality to organize around.  While  our alumni are at different points in their lives, the potential for collaboration is vast.

The Friends of the HGM (FHGM) is spearheading a project to build an alumni database. We are looking for basic information, so please fill out the subscription by clicking HERE. We  will capture this information and call on you (if allowed) to help offer guidance to current students and other alumni who may have a question about something that you have done. Examples may include inviting you to speak at a future career day or for the more recent alums, answering questions about schools and programs our current students are considering.  We hope this will be a worthwhile project  and welcome any input you can offer.  (Important note: we will not share your contact information with anyone without your express, written consent)